About Propel CPA

Aurora BorealisWe are in the time of the entrepreneurial age and Propel CPA is a creative, entrepreneurial, unique, high-performance CPA firm serving Entrepreneurs of small and medium-sized businesses. We believe in our role as CPA’s we are uniquely positioned to make a substantial positive impact on the lives of Entrepreneurs.  We have the skills you would expect from a CPA firm like great tax people to help you with simple to complex tax planning or preparing financial statements and corporate tax filings. Great people to work with you to analyze your financial picture past, present and focus on the future, great people to help you with improving your business processes and using cloud technology to allow your team to focus on their highest-value work.

We have what you expect from your CPA firm and we are committed to providing it with excellence and our Promise to back it up.  What we are even more passionate about is collaborating with Entrepreneurs that see their business as a vehicle to providing an amazing life they envisioned when the set out as an Entrepreneur.   As stated previously we are in the age of the Entrepreneur and never before has there been a more exciting time to be working with Entrepreneurs who seek the most out of life through their investment in their business and their personal development.

Propel is passionate about showing Entrepreneurs a new way of thinking about their business.  We love working with Entrepreneurs who want a bigger future and are committed to turning their goals into reality.  Having synergy between your business and your life, because your business is a major part of your life.  You reached the point as an Entrepreneur that you have achieved many goals but perhaps it’s the freedom as you define it that is missing, which is a reason you became an Entrepreneur in the first place.

Are you at the right place in your Entrepreneurial journey to create more free time and grow your business at the same time?  Are you spending too much time on activities in your business you do not enjoy and as a result your energy level is not what it could be?  Are you ready to build more freedom of time, money, relationship and purpose?

PROPEL360™ Solution

We work with Entrepreneurs through our PROPEL360™ Solution to provide you with the structure, tools and practical solutions and keep you on track to move forward in the journey together.  Your journey with your business and personal development.  Are you ready to invest in yourself and your business, to discover and learn?  If you are interested in our PROPEL360™ Solution go to our Propel360 Right Fit questions to assess if the program is right for you. If you only need financial reporting, tax, or cloud accounting systems work then give us a call at 866-422-9646.

Why collaborate with Propel CPA?

Woman HikingOur vision is to collaborate with Entrepreneurs in achieving the businesses they imagine.

That means your business is self-sustaining and allows you to focus on the parts of the business you love. The benefits for you are substantial. It increases the value of your business, gives you the free time you need and allows for a rethink of what you want your life and business to look like going forward.  Our approach is a process that we guide you through to reach your goals and create the overall life you desire.  We provide you with the roadmap and our collaboration to manage the change transformation with our Propel360™ Solution to achieve the company and life you imagine.

Propel CPA is passionate about working with ambitious progressive growth-minded Entrepreneurs who want to get the most out of life and business.  Entrepreneurs who value their team and collaborating to achieve results together that cannot be achieved alone.  Propel provides you with a new perspective and the path forward in taking the next steps in growing your business.  Propel collaborates with Entrepreneurs to break through the barriers to reach the next level in the Entrepreneur’s evolution.

Our Promise


We are committed to providing you with nothing less than excellent service and quality of work.  Our work is guaranteed to the complete satisfaction of the Customer.

If the Customer is not completely satisfied with the service or quality of work performed by Propel CPA, we will, at the option of Customer, either refund the price or accept a portion of the said price that reflects Customers level of satisfaction.

Satisfaction is completed upon the time frame outlined on each engagement letter as per the terms of the agreement.


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