Pillar 2 of the Foundation

Meaningful Results Initiative MRI™

Meaningful Results Initiative MRI™

What’s Stalling Your Business Growth?

Outdated Processes & Technology

Sacrificing Time On Menial Tasks

Not Sure Of Your Next Steps

Helping You Work Smarter Not Harder

At Propel CPA, our Chartered Professional Accountants understand that trying to grow your business sustainably can be complex and, at times, overwhelming. Our accounting firm in Toronto, Barrie and Orangeville does more than just help you understand what your financial statements mean.

CPA financial Advisors

We can provide you with:

  • The resources to grow and scale your company
  • Business process modernization
  • Transformative integrated solutions
  • Scenario Analysis
  • Dedicated team to collaborate with

Through our MRI™ process, our team offers tailored advice and support that propels your business forward. Our MRI™ Process is the step-by-step guide entrepreneurs need to achieve a self-sustaining and profitable enterprise, that can scale.

Build Your Business. Grow Your Wealth

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Let's Create Your Growth Plan

You Talk, We Listen

You Talk, We Listen

Schedule a call to tell us about your business goals, challenges, and the dreams you have for your company.

Bringing Your Plan To Life

Bringing Your Plan To Life

Our financial advisors will walk you through our PROPEL360™Solution packages, apply our expertise and put your growth plan into action.

You Progressively Grow

You Progressively Grow

Through our MRI™ process, you’ll begin to sustainably grow and scale your business like never before.

Supporting Your Business Growth

Our focus is on transforming your business into a self-sustaining enterprise, one that runs smoothly when you are enjoying your free time. The free time you need to keep your passion, creativity and motivation at a high level.

Through our entrepreneurial collaboration, you will:

  • Work with a dedicated team
  • Clarify your business goals
  • Identify the issues preventing you from reaching your goals
  • Create a plan of action with deliverable dates
  • Implement cloud technology to your advantage

Calculating The Best Opportunities For You

What do your numbers tell you about your business?
How do you use that information to grow and change your business?
  • We can help you understand your Financial Statement, so you can see if your business is heading in the right direction to achieve your goals.
  • The MRI™ process will translate your financial information into decision-making knowledge.
  • Your dedicated team will walk you through every part of your business, helping you better understand and manage your business finances.
  • We will provide you with scenario analysis.

The MRI™ process goes far beyond just the numbers allowing you to think differently about your business. With change in perspective, you can build the right team and use the best tools and techniques to establish a self-sustaining enterprise, that can scale.

Let our CPA’s in Toronto, Barrie and Orangeville create an accurate picture of your business. Talk to a Propel advisor today about how we can help you make smart, informed decisions to predictably grow and scale your business.

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