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Meaningful Results Initiative MRI™

Meaningful Results Initiative MRI™



MeditatingCollaborating to achieve a self-sustaining enterprise and more free time for you

Our Mission is to collaborate with you in achieving a self-sustaining enterprise that allows you to focus on the things you love to do in your business and the free time you need to rejuvenate and achieve the company you imagine. The free time needed to keep your passion, creativity and motivation at a high level.

Are you taking “days off” at work that are unproductive due to frustration and/or fatigue? Collaborate with us in implementing the MRI™ process to start breaking through, moving things forward and gaining more clarity to achieve the company you imagine?


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Build a self-sustaining business with Propel CPA

Collaboration and advice are the key elements in our Propel360 Solution and the MRI™ process is the key pillar in achieving a self-sustaining enterprise. You need to have a solid team, financial reporting and systemized processes using technology to your advantage that provides key measurements and accountability as part of a solid foundation. Our collaboration pillar means our team offers tailored advice and support that propels your business forward through our MRI™ process. Our Propel360 Solution using our MRI™ process will provide the step by step guide in achieving a self-sustaining enterprise.

Our entrepreneurial collaboration gives you access to an advisor and our team who takes the time to get to know your business. Our focus is on transforming your business into a self-sustaining enterprise, one that runs smoothly when you’re taking free time.

Using tools and techniques to define clear goals, identifying issues preventing those goals from being reached, looking at your enterprises’ people and design, designing changes and doing what is needed to move forward.  Regular monitoring and meeting to build the team and elements around them to achieve your goals and allow for the clarity you need to be effective.


The story behind the numbers

In many cases business owners don’t understand what their financial statements actually mean. Some people can understand their revenue and expenses from an income statement, but true financial literacy doesn’t come easily.

So, what do your numbers really mean? And how do you use that information to grow and change your business? That’s where Propel CPA collaboration through the MRI™ process of the Propel360 Solution helps. Our advisors will take you through every part of your business. We’ll make the financial side of things easy to understand because we’ll think it’s critical for you to know what’s happening in your business. The Propel360 Solution will entail providing regular timely financial reports and analysis to determine if you are heading in the right direction to achieve your goals.  Propel360 and the MRI™ process goes far beyond just the numbers by getting you to think differently about your business, building the right team and using tools and techniques to accomplish a self-sustaining enterprise.

We will establish financial and non-financial metrics to measure your businesses progress towards your vision. Metrics that provide accountability as you realize your vision for the future.

Are you running your business based on how much money is or is not in the bank? If that sounds like you, then you need to talk to our Advisors today. The Propel CPA team will help you get an accurate picture of what’s actually going on in your business. This insight will help you make better-informed decisions for you and your business.

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