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Password Management and Data Security 2022

Posted on February 02, 2022

Password Management and Data Security 2022

With more and more information being stored in the digital realm, it is crucial that business and individuals adapt to the security risks associated with having data stored online.

“Passwords and usernames/email addresses (credentials) are often the first line of defense between your organization’s sensitive data and the army of cyber-criminals trying to access it.

The risks to your organization of a data breach are not only related to the sensitivity of your data were it to get into the wrong hands. With the rise of ransomware, you also need to consider the implications of losing access to your own data.

Weak passwords and poor password security can effectively leave the door open to cyber-criminals so if IT security is your responsibility you can’t really afford to ignore it! It’s also one of the simplest things to fix in the often highly complex world of IT security.” [i]

We at Propel CPA, view data security as a matter of paramount importance. We would like to share with you some of the tools we use to ensure your data and our data remain extremely secure. The software we use to ensure our passwords remain highly protected are LastPass and Practice Protect.

LastPass offers different plans suitable for both individuals and businesses. Having a different password for every account is critical to ensuring your online safety. LastPass helps by generating random passwords for you and storing them in your LastPass vault. 

Lastpass : https://www.lastpass.com/

Practice Protect is software that creates one master password for each user that is encrypted within the application. This ensures the protection of passwords internally  as well as externally. Take control over client logins & sensitive data in the cloud with password protection, login security, email protection, & more

Practice Protect: https://practiceprotect.com/

[i] Jake Dowie, JDIT Ltd 2022.

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