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Are you ready to create a self-sustaining enterprise and seeking a transformative
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Propel CPA collaborates with progressive growth-minded Entrepreneurs who want the most of their life and business. Entrepreneurs who value their team and collaborating to achieve results together that cannot be achieved alone. Propel provides you with a new perspective and the path forward through Propel360™ and our MRI™ process in taking the next steps in moving towards a self-sustaining enterprise. Propel CPA collaborates with Entrepreneurs to break through the barriers to reach the next level in the Entrepreneur’s evolution.

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Upfront Pricing
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Cloud Solutions
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Unique Holistic Approach
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PROPEL360™ Solution

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We take a holistic approach to your business which means we don’t just “put our blinkers on” and look purely at the finances. Our PROPEL360™ Solution is designed to collaborate with you to create a self-sustaining enterprise that is part of an overall life approach. The PROPEL360™ Solution is based on the four pillars of Financial and Tax Reporting, the MRI™ ProcessCloud Technology and Investments. Our team will collaborate with you to create a business that keeps running and allows you the free time to think and be creative about your future. Free time is critical in the growth of a business and its importance in business success is not given the priority it requires.

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Are you ready to transform your company into the business you imagine?

What do we mean by a self-sustaining enterprise? We mean getting to a place where you are building a high-value business that gives you the freedom to spend your time on the things you enjoy in your business.  It means building a business that can grow on its own.
It means building a capable team around you and eliminating the frustrations that are holding you back in achieving your business and personal goals.

"Progressive firm that truly cares about your business and you can count on to be key in moving your business forward"

Robert Maslen, President
Kempenfelt Windows Ltd

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"They are aligned with the vision for our company"

Ryan Paulsen, President
Brama Industries Inc

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"They understand the challenges business owners face and provide the right valuable advice on meeting those challenges"

Bill Hook, President
Fred Hook Limited

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"Propel CPA has taken a holistic approach in providing us with insights into our Company’s performance to identify areas that we need to focus on"

Dan Williams, President
Industrial Filters Manufacturing

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"A forward-thinking firm that looks at the big picture and provides the right advice"

Mike Van Campen, President
JVC Precision

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"Our Company has gone through amazing growth and Peter with the Team at Propel have been with us every step of the way with technology solutions, corporate reorganizations, financial analysis and more. Great advice and service."

Jordan Smith, President
Always Current Electric

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"For the past 20 years Peter and his Team at Propel have been key in navigating the opportunities and challenges for us and our business. Their guidance has been valuable and the Team at Propel understands our business and care about us."

Carla Kelly and Adelino Cardoso
Kar-Los Building Supplies

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"From implementing cloud solutions, tax planning, financial reporting and most importantly providing us the business advice we need in making our most important decisions the Team at Propel is always there for us."

Cristian Berg, President
RiteKote Painting & Decorating

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"The Team at Propel has provided us with excellent service in implementing our cloud-based operations and guiding us with financial advice and analysis we need in executing our real estate developments. The Propel Team is responsive and is a great CPA firm to work with."

Ed Lea
All In Investments

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"Propel CPA provided the expertise to modernizing our systems and proving us with valuable business advice over the past twenty years. The Team at Propel really understands our business and the construction industry. Highly recommended."

Andy Howse
Fidelus Solutions

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"Great to deal with, great service and advice that lets me focus on my business."

Darin Crowe
Crowe Services

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"The people at Propel are great, let's me focus on my business and all the accounting, tax, technology and advise I leave to them. Have full confidence proven over the past 18 years that they have taken care of us. Propel understands our business."

Manuel Dias
Man-O-Sa Pools and Landscaping

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"Propel makes sure our business stays on track, especially ensuring our collection cycle is efficient. Propel managed our move to the cloud and has over the past ten years and continues to provide us with timely business advice and guidance."

Jeff Paine
Broadband Communications

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"I have been dealing with Peter and Propel for 20 years and the reason for that is they are a great Team that is very knowledgeable that understands and cares about my business and me."

Andreas Falk
Iron Arts

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"Propel has been a key member of our Team in navigating our day-to-day business operations right through to complex business transactions. Valuable advice when we need it the most!"

Cathy Miner
Shadow Lake Group

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From our Blog

From our Blog

The Ontario Government announced on January 7, 2022 that they are providing a $10,000 grant payment for eligible small businesses.  Read more

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