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At Propel, we understand that entrepreneurs feel overwhelmed with the endless challenges and constant accounting tasks that arise from managing a business.

The best thing about being your own boss is supposed to be the freedom. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs are struggling to build a high-value business that can grow independently. To focus on the things you enjoy in your business, you need a self-sustaining enterprise

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What’s Holding You Back?

Time Constraints

Obsolete Processes

Lack of Resources


Stagnant Growth

Daily Stressors

Let’s Create Your Growth Plan

Transform your business in 4 simple steps.

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Schedule A Call

We want to get to know you and understand your business challenges and goals. We collaborate with entrepreneurs to create a tailored growth plan to achieve your business dreams by taking a holistic approach.

Choose Your Service Package

Choose Your Service Package

Here we introduce you to The Propel360™ Solution service packages. After completing the Propel Right Fit, we will begin integrating your enterprise with our cloud-based accounting software, Xero.

Begin Creating A Self-Sustaining Enterprise

Begin Creating A Self-Sustaining Enterprise

We help customers put processes in place, implement cloud accounting & new technology, execute company reorganizations, hence, allowing the companies to grow, and thrive in a sustainable manner.

Start Scaling Up Your Business

Start Scaling Up Your Business

Reach new heights while enjoying the flexibility to work on the things that matter.

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Our Service Offerings/Packages

Propel360™ Solution

If you are ready to transform and scale your business, this package might be right for you. With the use of technology, we help you reach the next level.

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Propel180™ Solution

If you are trying to find processes to help build and grow your business, this package is for you. We can advise you on getting your business automated and streamlined.

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Propel90™ Solution

If you are working for your business versus your business working for you, this is for you. We can help you improve your internal processes and monitor your tax reporting operations.

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Our Brand Promises:

The 100-Percent Money-Back Guarantee

All our work is guaranteed to the complete satisfaction of our customers. If our customer is not completely satisfied with the service performed by Propel CPA, we will, at the option of our customer, either refund the price or accept a portion of the said price that reflects the customer’s level of satisfaction.

Always On Time

At Propel CPA we promise a guaranteed delivery date on our work. We know that time is everything and we are here to help you find more time for the things your love, not slow you down.

The Propel Right Fit

Through Propel360™, Propel120™, and Propel90™ Solutions we will deliver the path to achieving a self-sustaining enterprise that can scale and dramatically increase your profitability in the next 24 months or it is free until you do.

Organizations We've Helped

Crowe Fred Hook Ltd NorthGroup Kempenfelt JVC Precision iProReality

"Progressive firm that truly cares about your business and you can count on to be key in moving your business forward"

Robert Maslen, President

Kempenfelt Windows Ltd

"They are aligned with the vision for our company"

Ryan Paulsen, President

Brama Industries Inc

"They understand the challenges business owners face and provide the right valuable advice on meeting those challenges"

Bill Hook, President

Fred Hook Limited

"Propel CPA has taken a holistic approach in providing us with insights into our Company’s performance to identify areas that we need to focus on."

Dan Williams, President

Industrial Filters Manufacturing

"A forward-thinking firm that looks at the big picture and provides the right advice"

Mike Van Campen, President

JVC Precision

"Building Bigger Futures!"™

Let's Find Your Propel Right Fit

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Our Partners

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Working with PROPEL CPA

Upfront Pricing Specific to Each Customer

Upfront Pricing Specific to Each Customer

Improve Work-Life Balance

Improve Work-Life Balance

Feel The Confidence With A Well Optimized Business

Feel The Confidence With A Well Optimized Business

Grow And Scale A Sustainable Business

Grow And Scale A Sustainable Business

Unique Holistic Approach Excellent Service and Quality of Work

Unique Holistic Approach Excellent Service and Quality of Work

Want To Grow Your Business & Take Back Your Freedom?

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Propel Resources

Propel Solution Packages

Propel CPA offers 3 service level packages to you can choose which best aligns with your business needs.


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Save money, stay compliant, and plan for the future

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